Stock (Module)


A retail store occasionally runs out of certain items. This happens for a number of reasons:

Unexpected popularity of a particular item, such as one that has attained fad appeal among schoolchildren; an unusually large purchase, such as buying up all of a store's hotdog buns for a party; or a failure by the manufacturer to make and ship on time certain items. Stock control is a way the retailer avoids running out of stock through tracking what is on hand, what has been sold and what is on order.

Customer Service:- Good customer service for a retailer consists partly of having adequate supplies of what the customer wants to buy. If a store runs out of a particular product, the customer buys it somewhere else -- perhaps establishing a relationship with a competitor. Not only has the retailer lost a sale; it possibly has lost a good customer as well.

ERP model helps in stock contolling of any orgnization within or retial works too.

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