Enjoy the Financial Move with Sales Modules

There is a famous saying “strike the iron when it is hot” this saying perfectly implies for the sales team of any firm. The module of ERP allows a company to organize and reorganize and track their sales clients effortlessly. With the help of sales module, it becomes easy to do multiple tasks on a single platform. The sales team can be known as the backbone of a company as they are the revenue generator. It does not matter whether you have one of the best tech team who is using one of the best technologies. Remember that whatever is the current income source of your firm it is all because of the efforts which are implemented by the sales whether on-desk or on-field.

Bifurcations of Linguee Sales Module-

  • Master
  • Transaction
  • Report

    • Area of sales-

      This area is used to organize and control the visit of clients. In this area you can view your entire sales summary:

      • Quotation Transaction Summary: You can view your quotes generated whether it’s on daily basis, monthly or yearly.
      • Sales Order (SO) Transaction Summary
      • Sales Invoice (SI) Transaction Summary
      • In master tab, you can generate customers and packing list.

        • Transactional Process

          The work related to transaction is carried out easily with the help of various transactional processes. Transaction is the most important and hectic job, even a single mistake can make blunder. Sales module of Linguee has tried to reduce this error with the help of the software:

          • Quotation
          • Sales Order
          • Sales Invoice

          • Delivery Challan: This feature helps in tracking the transportation that includes
            • Invoice Number
            • Dispatch Location
            • Name of the party

            • Mode of communication and other relevant requirements.
              • Sales Return

                • Report Generation

                  Reports are generated by the company to track and that all the work related to sales is done and the entire transaction process is completed. This is final stage and with the help of this, the final closing of the project is announced.

                  Features of Sales Module

                  • Reduces the workload
                  • Can easily adapt to new changes because of tailored features
                  • Reduces the time, which helps in increasing sales
                  • Can easily track entire activities.

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