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When you are the owner of a manufacturing firm, you have to make sure that every work which takes place in your company is done in a systematic way. Purchase module indeed plays an important role when your company deals with sectors that are involved in sales and purchase. Buy ERP software Online to deal with all the items which are not available in the stocks and are needed in the future; it collects all the items and even maintains the stock which is required during manufacturing. This module deals with all purchases related activities that can be managed.

Linguee Purchase Module Sections

Purchase module is divided into three sections which can easily streamline the functions of raw materials, bills and orders which are assigned to the suppliers.

  • Master
  • 1. Vendor
  • Transaction
  • 1. Indent Purchase
  • 2. Purchase Quotation
  • 3. Purchase Order
  • 4. Purchase Invoice

And users can even generate print of the above transaction. Invoice can be generated and a printed copy can be provided to the vendors.

  • Report
  • 1. PO Register
  • 2. Purchase Invoice Register
  • 3. Product Purchase
  • 4. Purchase Summary

Benefits of Purchase Module

  • Linguee ERP purchase module can help you in maintaining master page for various suppliers and their contacts.
  • Clients can easily track purchase.
  • Can have complete purchase history in single page.
  • The entire details of suppliers, purchase order and return and other important details are managed in a systematic way.
  • You can even keep an eye on the suppliers which are based on delivery time, quality of the product and cost of purchase goods.

To avail all the above benefits users need to buy ERP software online. All the above section of ERP Module can be easily customized according to the demand of the customers and changes can be easily made. We have a team senior-level developer who will guide the clients to achieve the best output from the module.

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