Plan, Track and Manage your business efficiently with Production Module

Production module is even known as manufacturing module in various industrial sectors. All manufacturing related records can be maintained through the production module. It facilitates various planning, taking order and finally finished goods is added into the stocks which, then can be delivered to the customers. It generally focuses on generating goods and services passing through different process of fabrication to finished goods according to the estimated manufacturing so that right quality of goods and services can be generated as per the given time. HTS solution has designed it new product Linguee which is an ERP Software. It is an umbrella software which has various modules.

Various Section of Linguee Production Module

Linguee ERP production module is divided into three different sections:


  • Bill Of Material(BOM)
  • Chassis Planning and etc.


  • Work Order
  • Fabrication
  • Paint Process
  • Assembling Process
  • Finished Goods
  • Print Chassis etc.


  • WIP Report: It is the most important report for a manufacturing unit of the production module as it provides a complete report related to the work order.
  • Production BOM Report: report can be generated for the created BOM of the product.

Sub Modules of Production

  • Quality control
  • Production control
  • Cost control
  • Capacity Planning
  • Requirements Planning

Characteristics of Production Module

  • This module help an organization to plan production with the available resource i.e. optimum utilization of the available product
  • As per the advice of the sales department material requirement planning is done.
  • Estimated calculations are done on the basis of the availability of the raw material, capacity and other important aspects.

Characteristics of Production Module

  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Inventory planning is done in a systematic manner
  • Maintain balance between demand & supply of the goods.

Linguee ERP has a well-established development team, who provide customized modules for their clients according to their requirement. ERP modules are available at a reasonable price as per the demand of the customers.

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