Modules > Admin

Overview of ERP Admin Module

Admin Module consists of all the important details such as registration details and all the other major details of an organization. This module is used for generating the user details and for assigning the responsibilities of the users as well. The admin module has a vital role in Linguee ERP software as this module has access to all the permissions of ERP software. The Admin Module also helps in the creation of corresponding users and different roles. The accessibility can be easily portrayed to the different roles and similarly, the users will get permission to access the features of the application.

Bifurcations of ERP Admin Module

The admin module is segmented into multiple sections and subsections which help the users in delivering their tasks in a more organized manner. Numerous roles can be easily generated through the Admin module.

Users and Roles
  • Role
  • Role UI Mapping
  • Users

The admin module also provides a feature of uploading multiple data through an excel file.

Import Utility
  • Lead
  • GL Main Group
  • Import Size
  • Import Vendor
  • Import Employee
  • Import Product

The following are some of the important aspects of an organization that can be created through the Admin module.

  • Product Type
  • Company Branch
  • Customer Types
  • Email Template

Moving to ERP software will reduce your workload and will help in managing your work in a structured manner. This will lead to a more accurate and easier management process. Admin is one of the most important features of ERP software which plays an important role in the growth of an organization.

Modules > Accounts

Overview of ERP Accounts Module

When it comes to Accounts, we often get confused with the main functions of the accounting department, and what are their roles and responsibilities?

These are the most common questions which are often asked by many new business owners and non-accountants.

The accounting department in an organization is responsible for reporting and recording the cash flows of an organization. There are five major roles of the accounting department which are as follows:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Payroll
  • Financial controls
  • Financial reporting

Accounts Receivable

The cash flow that comes in an organization is known as Accounts Receivable or cash receipts. This is controlled by the accounts receivable department. In this process, recording and receiving cash payments from customers are involved. The customers usually pay the organization for products sold and services rendered. This department is also responsible for making sure that the customers have received the right invoice as per the goods and services utilized and the balance paid by the customers should be correct.

Accounts Payable

Similarly, the cash flow that goes out of an organization is known as cash disbursements. Cash disbursements are controlled by the accounts payable department. This department is responsible for making a successful payment to vendors for the expenses experienced by the organization such as taxes, utilities, etc. The Accounts Payable department receives invoices from vendors, examines the invoice, and records it in the accounting system, and finally pays the vendors.


Just like the human resources department is responsible for all the activities of the employees. Similarly, the accounts department is responsible for the employees’ payment. It also involves ensuring that the employees are paid right and on time. The main function of payroll is to receive and record the working hours of employees. And after reviewing data entered by the human resource department, process payroll checks to the employees.

Modules > CRM

Overview of ERP CRM Module

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management which refers to the strategies, planning, and practice that are executed in a company to keep a healthy relationship with customers. The CRM system is designed to build a healthy and successful relationship between the employees and the clients. CRM consists of all the important data to improve and improvise various business strategies to build a healthy relationship with past, existing, and upcoming customers. It’s a platform that helps in recording the entire discussion between the customers and the company. It also has communication details such as E-mails, telephone, and the company’s website which are required to be updated regularly.

CRM is considered to be one of the most important features of Linguee ERP software which helps in meeting all the expectations of the clients. This technical tool helps you in getting more deals in less time. CRM is known to be the best platform for customers.

Multi Medium Support

CRM feature of Linguee ERP software also offers multi-channel support to its customers. You can reach to your client through one medium at any location. With the help of CRM, you can easily communicate with your clients through e-mails, social media, or telephone. You can easily keep a track of your numerous clients on a single sheet. As a result, the relationship between clients and employees would be stronger.

Advanced CRM Analytics

Linguee ERP CRM is like a blessing for the sales team of an organization in terms of analyzing the report file of several clients. This will be very useful for resolving the various technical issues encountered by the clients.


When it comes to the sales team, then this software is very beneficial for the sales department. CRM helps in speeding up the sales of a company and brings huge profits to the clients as well. The sales details can be easily updated with on-time data on the CRM sheet.


  • The CRM Module can be easily customized according to the need of clients.
  • This helps in building adequate lead conversation.
  • Leads can also be modified as per the requirements of clients.
  • It also helps in building a healthy relationship between a client and an employee as the employee would have all the details and information of the client.
  • An organization can easily track down the entire discussion of clients due to the presence of the past, present, and future details of clients on the CRM sheet.
  • Blueprint can also be designed and you can also analyze the sale of the product.
  • CRM also helps in making negotiable deals.

CRM module is one of the most flexible modules of ERP software that can be easily customized by the software development team of the organization. Linguee CRM ERP software is known to be the most dedicated tool as multitasking can only be done through it. It can easily modify the requirements of your company and offers flexibility to the clients.

Modules > Purchase

Overview of ERP Purchase Module

If you are the owner of a manufacturing company, then one of the most important things is everything in your company should be done in an organized manner. The purchase module has a major role when it comes to the department of sales and purchase. Therefore, go for Linguee ERP Purchase software to easily manage all the products which are not available in the stock and are required shortly. It helps in collecting all the items and manages the stock during manufacturing. Hence, this module helps in dealing with all the activities related to sales and purchase.

Bifurcations of Linguee Purchase Module

The purchase module is categorized into three sections to manage and streamline the functions of bills, raw materials, and orders which are allocated to the suppliers.


1. Vendor


1. Indent Purchase

2. Purchase Quotation

3. Purchase Order

4. Purchase Invoice

The users can also easily generate the print of all the transactions mentioned above. So, invoices can be easily generated and a printed copy of the invoice will be provided to the vendors.

  • PO Register
  • Purchase Invoice Register
  • Product Purchase
  • Purchase Summary


  • This module helps you in managing and maintaining the master page for several suppliers.
  • Purchase can be easily tracked by the clients.
  • You can easily complete the whole purchase history of a client on a single page.
  • The full details of purchase and return orders, suppliers, and other important details of purchasing will be managed in a structured manner.
  • You can also keep an eye on the suppliers in terms of the quality of the products, the cost of products, and delivery time.

To avail of all the benefits provided by Linguee ERP Purchase software, you will have to of course buy this software. All the above sections of the Purchase Module can be easily altered and customized as per the demands of the clients and the adjustments can be easily made. In case of any further query, our senior-level developer team guides the clients to make the most of the software.

Modules > Production

Overview of ERP Production Module

The production module is most commonly known as the manufacturing module in several industries. All the manufacturing-related track records can be easily managed by the production module. It helps in streamlining processes such as planning, taking orders, etc. And lastly, the final finished products will be added to the stock and are ready to get delivered to the customers. The main function of the Production module is to generate high-quality goods and services. The goods should be passed through the different fabrication processes as per the estimated manufacturing. Therefore, the good quality of goods and services can be produced on the dot. Linguee ERP software which is designed by HTS solutions has various modules that help in managing your business in a systemized manner.

Sections Of Production Module

Linguee ERP Production Module is categorized into three sections. Let’s have a closure look at them.


1. Bill of Material (BOM)

2. Chassis Planning

  • Work Order
  • Fabrication
  • Paint Process
  • Assembling Process
  • Finished Goods
  • Print Chassis

1. WIP Report- It is one of the most important reports as it helps in providing the full report related to all the work orders.

2. Production BOM Report- This report can be easily generated through Production Module for the created BOM of the products.

Sub Modules of Production
  • Quality Control
  • Production Control
  • Cost Control
  • Capacity Planning
  • Requirements Planning
  • The production module helps a company to pre-plan production through available resources and to make the optimum utilization of the products.
  • The planning is done as per the requirement of the sales department.
  • The estimated calculations can be easily completed as per the capacity, availability of the raw materials, and all other important aspects.
  • It helps in improving the efficiency of the operations.
  • It also helps in advanced inventory planning.
  • It keeps the balance between the demand and supply of the goods.

Linguee ERP software provides optimized modules to the clients as per their needs that too at a reasonable price.

Modules > HRMS

Overview of ERP HRMS Module

Running a developing organization properly is quite a challenging task, especially when it comes to hiring a responsible employee. And this challenging task is managed by the HR department daily. Linguee ERP software has come up with the smart HRMS module which will help in minimizing the issues faced by the HR department regularly. The hardworking employees of a company are the main reason behind the success of every organization. The HR professionals and managers of a company have a challenging job of organizing people so that the employees of the company should effectively perform their job roles. This involves looking at the employees as human assets and without any software module, this task would be very difficult.

Sometimes, managing all the activities together becomes difficult for the HR department and there are possibilities of human errors. However, to eliminate the chances of human errors Linguee ERP HRM software has developed by the software development team of HTS Solutions.


The HR department works for systematically managing the organization and ensures that every employee working in the company is happy with the environment.


To maintain the decorum of a company all the higher authorities work together to develop the professional work environment. It’s the HR department’s job to inspect that the higher authority of a company provides regular projects and assignments to the employees and also the employees submit their projects at the given time. This will lead to maintaining cordial cooperation between the senior members of the team and the employees.

Commitment Building

One of the major roles of HR Professionals is to make strategies to increase the employee’s commitment to the company. And this process begins straight from recruiting employees as per their qualifications for the right job positions. However, with HRM software, the hiring process can be easily handled. After the hiring process is done, it's the responsibility of the HR department to ensure that the new employee is comfortable and provides a satisfactory result. With the HRM software page, the manager and the employee can provide their feedback to HR. So, the HR department can be easily in touch with the managers for the complete report of the new employee.

Feedbacks should not only related to the work but also for other things such as attitude and behavior of the employee.


HRM Software has consisted of the following beneficial features.

  • Recruitment Management
  • HR Management
  • Training
  • Time and Attendances
  • Asset Management
  • Payroll Management

The main reason for designing HRM software is to reduce the workload of the HR department. This will help them in focusing more on other important work.

  • This software helps the employee to get a track of all the information.
  • Employees can keep an eye on their leave records and can easily update them through HRM software.
  • This tool helps in easily connecting the employees to other departments.
  • It helps in maintaining a cordial relationship between the HR department and the employees.

HTS Solutions also provides free online services to clients. You will also get a free trial of the software for a few days and then if you find it worthy enough then go for the subscription.

Modules > Inventory

Overview of ERP Inventory Module

The latest technologies will always help you in streamlining your work process, no matter what business you are in. And when it comes to the Inventory module of ERP software, then this module will offer you all the tools which are beneficial for the stock department of an organization. The features of the Inventory module help in automating and streamlining all the undertakings regarding the Inventory department of an organization.

The Inventory module helps in providing real-time visibility of the inventories of the supply chains. The planning tools of the Inventory module will help you in getting the optimum results and act as a decision-maker. The Linguee ERP software helps in managing all the activities related to the Inventory of an organization.


The master section of Linguee ERP software is designed in such a way that it can be used in multiple other modules. Therefore, create once and use everywhere.

  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory

The users can also add products in the following categories:

  • Product Main Group
  • Product Sub Group
  • Inventory

This module consists of multiple features such as manufacturer, location, size, etc. The opening stock can also be easily maintained by the users.


The transaction section of the Inventory module has numerous features because it is one of the most important sections of the module.

  • MRN: Material Receive Note
  • STN and STR: These features help in transactions and inter-branch details of an organization.
  • Store Requisition
  • SIN: Stock Issue Note
  • Job work
  • Physical Stock Maintenance

All the features mentioned above can be easily used and available for the clients.


Every activity regarding the transactions must have a report. The report helps in analyzing the transaction process which is executed during the inventory procedure of the organization.

  • Stock Ledger
  • Reorder Report
  • Every transaction is registered


  • The online status of the available items can be easily maintained through this module such as a list of orders, rejected items, received items, on queue items, etc.
  • The items can be easily classified on multiple levels.
  • The customers will have a better purchasing experience.
  • The rejected items can be easily handled.
  • This will also help you in analyzing the accurate stock levels.
  • Physical verification.
  • Multiple warehouses and branches will easily come under a single domain.
  • The process of transferring of stock will proceed easily and that too with a proper receipt.

Modules > Sales

Overview of ERP Sales Module

Sales Module of the Linguee ERP software helps a company in organizing and tracking down all the sales of an organization smoothly. Users can easily do multiple tasking on a single platform. The sales department of any organization is considered to be one of the most important departments and is known as the backbone of a company because they are the revenue generator. No matter what technology you are using but the income source of your company is only because of all the efforts implemented by the sales team of the organization.


The Linguee Sales Module can be divided into three categories.

  • Master
  • Transaction
  • Report

Area of Sales

The area of sales is used to control and organize client visits. Through this, the entire sales summary can be viewed by the users.

  • Quotation Transaction Summary
  • Sales Order Transaction Summary
  • Sales Invoice Transaction Summary

With the help of the master tab, you can also easily generate the packing lists and customers.

Transactional Process

All the activities regarding the transactions are successfully executed through multiple transactional processes. When it comes to transactions, we all know that it is one of the most important and hectic jobs and not a single mistake is allowed here. The Linguee ERP Sales Module will help you in eliminating the human errors which happen in the transaction process.

  • Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice

The feature of Delivery Challan helps in tracking down all the transportation such as:

  • Invoice Number
  • Dispatch Location
  • Name of the party

This will also help you in various relevant requirements and modes of communication i.e. Sales Return.

Report Generation

The Report Generation process is very important as it helps in tracking down all the activities related to sales and all the transaction process. Report Generation is the final step and we can only announce the final closing of the project after the report generation process is completed.

  • It helps in reducing the workload of the employees.
  • Due to the tailored features provided by the sales module, it will easily adapt to the changes.
  • It helps in increasing sales due to a less time-consuming process offered by the module.
  • All the activities can be tracked easily.

Modules > GST Billing



You can create and send professional online invoices within minutes which will increase your payment speed and your customers will also get impressed.

  • Brand your invoices
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency invoicing
  • Send recurring invoices automatically


GST Billing software will help you in choosing a payment gateway that is suitable for you and then you can easily start accepting online payments.

  • Accept Online Payments
  • Payment Reminders
  • It also helps in charging customer credit cards automatically


You can provide your customers with an overview of discounts, prices, and other important things by building detailed estimates.

  • The estimates will get approved through the client portal
  • You can convert it to an invoice in a single click.
  • You can create the projects directly from estimates.


Track down your working hours effortlessly and bill your clients as per your working hours on their projects.

  • Run timer for projects
  • Bill clients as per the project hours
  • Keep a track of unbilled hours and other expenses


With Linguee ERP GST Billing software, track down all the incurred expenses for your clients, and bill them right away.

  • Record all expenses
  • Expense receipts
  • Expense reports


With Linguee ERP software, create and manage the invoices on the go.

  • Invoices on the go
  • Track Time
  • Run Reports

Modules > Payroll


The basic function of payroll software is to streamline and manage the process of salary payments of the employees. The Linguee ERP Payroll software is used to automate various accounting related things such as depositing monthly payments to the employees, withholding tax, and calculating payments. The HR department can easily enter the payment information of the employees into the software such as their monthly wage, their working hours, their account details, etc. One of the major benefits of using Payroll Software is it helps in alleviating the accounting systems of the administrative work which is connected to the employee’s payments. It also reduces the possibility of making human errors and makes the whole procedure less time-consuming.

Organizations with a large number of employees are dependent on Payroll Software due to its beneficial features.

Modules > ESS

Overview of ERP ESS SOFTWARE Module

ESS Software stands for Executive Support System. It is software that helps in transforming the enterprise data into executive-level reports which are easily accessible. For instance, in accounting, staffing departments, and billing. This software also helps in enhancing decision making for the employees. ESS Software is also popularly known as the Executive Information System. ESS software streamlines access to departmental data and organized enterprise at the same time providing performance assessment predictors and analysis utilities. ESS software offers you providing quick statistical data and potential outcomes that are very beneficial in the decision-making process.


The features of Linguee ERP software is beneficial for various industries such as electrical, automobiles,
telecommunications, mechanical, electromechanical and manufacturing.

  • Manufacture

  • Electric

  • Automobile

  • Mechanical

  • Tele Comm

  • Elctro Mech