Get complete Overview of Inventory ERP Software

Whether you are a trader or a manufacturer, to run your work smoothly you need help and support of latest technology which are available in the market. Inventory Module of Linguee ERP software provides all the tools which are required by the inventory or stock department of a team. The system provides a ready-made feature that automates and streamlines all the required activities related to inventory department of the organization.

This module provides real time visibility of the available inventories across the supply chain; it has all the loaded necessary planning tools that help you in making swift and accurate results and can act as a decision maker. Inventory Module of Linguee deals with all the stocks related activities.

Different Sections of Linguee Inventory Module Masters

• Create one time and use everywhere where required; i.e. the master section is designed for once and can be used in various other module like:

  • 1: Sales
  • 2: Purchase
  • 3: Inventory etc.
• Users can Create and Add product by categorizing it into:
  • 1: Product Main Group
  • 2: Product Sub Group
  • 3: Inventory etc.

• Users can easily maintain their opening stock.

• It has other numerous features like size, manufacturer, location etc.


This section has multiple features as it is one of the most vital sections of this module.

  • MRN: Material Receive Note
  • STN and STR: These features are used by the company for inter-branch details and transaction.
  • Store Requisition: It can be raised against any requirement.
  • SIN: Stock Issue Note, it is created against requisition.
  • Job work/MRN
  • Physical stock maintenances
    • All the above details can be easily printed with the feature made available for the clients.


      Every transactional activity has report. This help in making complete analyzing of the transaction which is carried out during the inventory process within the organization.

      • Stock Ledger
      • Reorder Report (Report to generate or get the reorder list of the product)
      • Register for every kind of transaction.

      Features of Inventory Modules

      • Online status of item quantity i.e. list of orders, rejected, received, on queue etc.
      • Items are classified on multiple levels
      • Better purchasing experiences.
      • Easily handles the rejected materials.
      • Helps in analyzing optimum stock levels.
      • Physical verification of stocks.
      • Multiple branches/warehouse can come under one single domain.
      • Easy transfer of stock with proper receipts.

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