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There is no doubt that manufacturing industries in today’s scenario are highly energetic and competitive which make them important. Several manufacturers are giving more consideration to the areas which include technology investment in modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) manufacturing software systems. Linguee ERP solution solve end number of problems and provides enormous benefits to manufacturers that are planning to accelerate growth, reduce cost, automates and streamlines business processes and much more. ERP Software amalgamates all areas of business so that functions of every business rely on a sole database.

In case you have doubt about using Linguee ERP Software, below are the top reasons as to why you should opt for this software.

Automates And Streamlines Business Processes: A complete ERP Solutions automates all business operation by providing accurate and real-time information. It increases the efficiency and productivity which help them to maintain the commitment towards their customer.

Drop-down in Cost: It help is reducing administrative and productivity cost of manufacturer.

Flexibility: Modern ERP is automatic, user-friendly and editable. It can be customized as per business requirement. It can easily adapt as per the changing business.


Manufacturer of electrical equipment requires regular renovation in their process to match up with the latest emerging technology so that they can make a place in the market. There is a constant demand of modernize tool and advance feature in electrical products. While doing these renovation manufactures has to keep in mind to maintain balances inventory level as per the demand of the market.

For fulfilling such demanding need of the market, contractor or manufacturers need to apply a suitable ERP product which would reduce your workload. Linguee ERP Solutions provide rich feature and cost-effective equipment. It is not just software but would act as a business advisor.

All you have to do is have ERP access in your system and then the ERP for Electrical industries would take care of your further work. Linguee ERP provides the easy for use software and support team are available to guide you as per the demand. Linguee ERP provides the entire necessary module like Custom Relationship Management, Human Resource Management System and much more.


Running an interconnected process altogether is a talent which is mastered by every automotive industry supervisor. Manufacturers depend on ERP system to make sure that they succeed in the worldwide economy. They are judged on the basis of three measures i.e. ongoing operational price, first capital expenditure and time to value.

Linguee ERP solutions are the leading multi-tasker for automotive industry which can manage all your processes flawlessly. This software helps you in managing your minute auto parts to timely deliveries.

Need for ERP in Automobile Industry

  • Enterprise Visibility.
  • Combination of various value chain activities
  • Monitoring and controlling several projects simultaneously
  • Reduction in errors.
  • Enhanced CRM & real-time information access.
  • Inventory Management
  • Cloud Storage

Linguee ERP software is one point solution for automobile industry. Which help them to manage a complicated process, reduces cost and increase productivity.


Mechanical engineering is considered as the backbone of the financial system and stands for flexibility and modernization. This industry also has a leading edge in the field of ERP.

Linguee ERP Solutions support the mechanical industries in completing the changes in short notice after the starting of the production and high demands during delivery of the product.

Linguee ERP allows you to optimize after-sale services so that deliveries can be made quickly. We provide the entire important module required for your business in this sector like most favorable quotation price and processing, dynamic manufacture processes, price control.

Linguee ERP is all in one solution for your business requirement. If you have any confusion related to software you can get in touch with the expert for solving your queries.


Telecommunication and IT industries are quickly becoming outdated due to constantly developing and evolving technologies. It becomes important for telecom industries to change their strategies and apply the sophisticated technology in order to uphold their position in the competitive market.

The current vital need for this industry is custom ERP solutions that provide advances process optimization and augment complete enhancement in any telecom industries.

Linguee ERP Solution provides the complete supports which are required by your firm to run and match your business with current demand. We all know that telecom industry functions are at a swift pace and to meet that speed ERP software is the best partner.

Linguee ERP Solutions help you in achieving all your requirement and increase the profitability with low-cost maintenances. Benefits which are receive after installing the ERP Software.

  • Increase in revenues from products and services
  • Real-time integration throughout the whole company
  • Careful management of regulatory compliance risk
  • Deep performance and financial visibility
  • Deployment of new operational and technological models

Electro Mechanical

Electro-mechanical contracting grows along with the growth of construction industry globally. Because of varying regulatory atmosphere and unavailability of resources, most of the contractors find it difficult to respond to the market opening, these demands shows the need smart enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

Linguee ERP Software for MEP industry is an innovative Enterprise Resource Planning platform exclusively designed for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) contracting industry.

Linguee ERP Software is an original enterprise resource planning solution which covers back-to-back business process beginning from the contract creation to the completion of an MEP project. Industry particular processes and procedures of MEP industry are flawlessly integrated with asset schedule, project management, inventory control, resource allocation, etc. giving a complete visibility of processes which enhance the operational efficiency.

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