Make Work more Systematic with CRM Module

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that refers to a practice, strategies and planning which are carried out in a company to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers. This system is designed to build a healthy relationship between the clients and the employee. It carries all the important data which are required to improvise and improve business strategies and to build a healthy relationship with the existing, past and upcoming clients. CRM is a platform where the entire discussion between the company and clients are noted; it also carries other details like telephone, company’s website, E-mails and the entire details which are needed to be updated.

CRM is among the most important modules of Linguee ERP which turns Clients dream into reality. It provides a platform where they can take a leap on competition. This is a magical tool that helps you in choosing more deals in less time. Linguee provides one of the best platforms to their client in this competitive world.

Multi Medium Support

Linguee ERP CRM provides multi-channel support to their client. You can reach your client at any location through one medium. With the help of this tool, you can easily interact with them either via mail, phone and social medium. You can keep track on your multiple clients on a single sheet. This would help you in building a stronger relationship with their client.

Advanced CRM Analytics

This software will be a boon for your sales team in analyzing the report file of various clients. With this, you can easily resolve the problems which are faced by your clients.


In current scenario, sales teams are the one who need this software to speed up their sales and bring huge profit to their client. Sales team require on time result or on time data so that they can update their sales detail on the CRM sheet.

Why CRM Module

  • This module can get customized as per the requirement of clients.
  • Help in making sufficient lead conversion.
  • Leads can be changed as per your client requirement.
  • An employee will not face any problem as it will have all the details of the current client that will help them in building great relationships with clients.
  • A company can track the response of the client on the basis of the past, present and future detail available in CRM.
  • You can design your blueprint and can have an analysis related to the clients and the sale of the product.
  • Helps in making deals negotiable.

It is a flexible module that can be changed and customized by the development team that is available in our company. CRM ERP Software help their users in doing multitask and is considered as one of the most dedicated tools that helps in the growth of the company. It can easily adapt the needs of your business and provides flexibility to your clients in completing their given target.

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