Overview of ERP Admin Module

Admin Module has all the major details like registration details and several other details of the available branches of the company. User details are generated and their responsibilities which have been enrolled to them are assigned through this module. Admin module plays an important role in an ERP application. It has all the access permission of the ERP. Different roles and corresponding User can be created from the Admin module. Accessibility can be mapped corresponding to the different role and in the same way user with permission will be able to access the different feature of the application.

Linguee ERP Admin Module Bifurcations-

Admin modules are divided into various sections and sub-section that will help the users to deliver their work in a systematic manner. All other definitions can be created from the Admin module which will be used in other modules like Company Branch, Terms Template and Product Type etc.

• Users and Role (various roles can be easily generated with the of this section)
  • 1: Role
  • 2: Role UI Mapping
  • 3: Users

    • • Import Utility (it provide a facility for uploading various work data through excel file)
      • 1: Lead
      • 2 GL Main Group
      • 3: Import Size
      • 4: Import Vendor
      • 5: Import Employee
      • 6: Import Product
          • Product Type
          • Company Branch (Different company branches can be created and used in by different module)
          • Customer types
          • Email Template

            Switching to ERP solutions will automatically reduce your work burden and help in completing the work in a systematic manner and management process becomes much easier and accurate. ERP admin maintains system performances. Admin module is one of the most important modules of ERP that plays an important in the growth of company economy.

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