Admin (Module)


The duty of an administrator depends on the company that the administrator works for.

However, general skills exist that apply to most administrators across varied organizations. One of the primary duties of an administrator is to ensure that the organization operates with efficiency. This requires a set of skills that can handle the many different people and situations within the organization. Specific skills essential to an effective administrator include good communication and being organized.

Planning and Organizing :- An administrator devises short-range and long-term plans that establish a clear set of objectives that aim to get the organization where it wants to go.

Directing: - After planning and organizing, the administrator must establish the direction that others in the organization will follow. Leading the individuals within the organization to accomplish a common set of goals requires the combination of resources and an effective support system.

Staff: - Another important duty of an administrator involves staffing the organization with the right people. This requires a complete knowledge of the organization and what the organization needs.

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